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Divers Survival – Effective Advice for Surviving in the Open


Now, the truth is that survival training is something widely underrated and completely overlooked. People tend to believe that there is nothing that could happen to them that would require the application of skills of the kind.

Well, unfortunately, that’s far from being true. If you pay close attention to the news, almost every week it’s announced that someone has been lost out in the open and there are rescue teams sent out to look for him.

Whether you derailed from a ski track, got lost while hiking, lost in the sea, lost your directions while backpacking or camping – the truth is that things of the kind tend to happen. And, if you are not prepared, this could literally cost your life. So, with this in mind, here are a few basic tips of the things that you need to consider if you are to have any chances of survival out in the open.

Start Looking for a Stream

This should be your number one priority. Look for a stream if you are stranded out in the woods. Typically, you can find one if you start moving downwards. When you find the stream, you should start following its natural flow because it will most likely lead you to a village or to a lake of some sort and they are usually close to inhabited places. This is survival tip number one and amongst the most important.

Make Use of What You’ve Got

Take a look around you – make sure to create the most out of the situation. Your clothing, your accessories – everything could be useful. Your leather belt, for instance – this could be a perfect way to keep certain things together – like the foundations of your shelter, for instance.

Never Move at Night

Whenever you start noticing that it’s getting dark – you should consider making a shelter. The best thing for you to do is to make it elevated from the ground in order to avoid insects and other ground pests. However, that’s not mandatory. Clean up an area around a tree or another appropriate place and start building up your shelter. If the weather is cold or it’s raining, your best bet would be to find a natural shelter like a cave, for instance. However, always make sure to check the cave before establishing your camp there. If you can’t find a cave or any other form of natural shelter, you should consider building your own. Make use of what’s around you. Keep in mind that leaves could be used to provide protection from the rain, for instance.

In any case, you should definitely have a certain set of survival skills in order to make it through. And always try to stay out in the open – people are most likely looking for you with helicopters.